Bozen: Not only South Tyrol's capital city,

but also a renowned wine region between the Adige and Eisack rivers!

The wine-producing region surrounding South Tyrol's capital city benefits from a sun-soaked basin and temperatures that can rise up to 40°C, providing optimal conditions for exceptional wines. Well-ventilated gravel soils on the hillsides and alluvial soils in the valley produce well-known South Tyrolean wines such as the autochthonous Lagrein.

Ritten, as a wine region in

Ritten, as a wine region in
South Tyrol, Italy, boasts 144.6
hectares of vineyards.  
Here, above Bozen, the grapes
for Pinot Blanc and Sauvignon thrive.

This wine-growing region in South Tyrol/Italy gives the grape aromas of dark forest berries and cherries with a spicy note. You can taste this especially in Lagrein, which is grown in the Gries district of Bolzano. St. Magdalener, on the other hand, one of the noblest and most powerful Vernatsch varieties, matures to the northeast of Bolzano. At the foot of the Rittner plateau, on the sunny and very warm slopes at 450 m above sea level, the grape varieties for the well-known wines Cabernet and Merlot thrive.

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