Our wine estate in South Tyrol and the people who work there

The Ritterhof team – one big family

What is important on a wine estate in South Tyrol and all over the world are the vines, grapes and the superb wine that is made from them. This is confirmed to us by many connoisseurs and wine lovers. But we say: What also counts are the people that work at our wine estate. Thanks to the many busy hands and professionalism and extensive knowledge of our employees and wine growers we can call ourselves one of the leading wine estates in South Tyrol. We want to preserve tradition at our wine estate in South Tyrol but still clear the way for innovation. We want to promote further development and take the good aspects with us. We remain a master of taste not least thanks to our loyal employees and wine growers. They have their say on this page.


the innovative

the wines from Ritterhof have accompanied me from a very early age. They were always present during my studies and my work experience abroad. Shaped by these impressions and experience, I run the Ritterhof with passion and woman power.


Hannes Bernard,
the perfectionist


My vocation is my passion for superb craftsmanship and intense tasting wines. I focus on precision in all areas. The ideas for perfect products are a result of my passion. And have been for 20 years at Ritterhof. Since my very first day as cellar master. As the veteran of the wine estate I am demanding and reliable, you can depend on me. I am honest, sensitive and secretive – a man with many facets.

Favorite wine: PARATUS Sauvignon


the reliable one


As is very common with women, I am honest, empathetic and also emotional. My reliability and accuracy really benefits me in my work. I take care of the accounting, write reports and update the wine register. Privately I am a Mum with a passion and am also called the Mum of the business on the Ritterhof wine estate.


the cheerful one


My love of variety led me to the Ritterhof, my tasks range from administrative and secretarial work to marketing and wine sales. I have a passion for graphic design and enjoy taking on new challenges. Privat, I am a pronounced family person, filling up my energy on weekends at the lake or during walks or bicycle tours around Lake Caldaro.

Favorite wine: PERLHOFER



the cheerful one

My tasks at the Ritterhof are cellar work and assisting the cellar master. I am not just interested in the topic of wine at work but in my free time too. I am described as friendly and refreshing. I infect people with my positive nature and good mood.

Favorite wine: OPES Pinot Grigio


the sporty one


I am active, dynamic and simply always moving – both privately and at work. I do lots of sport in my free time and enjoy manual craftsmanship. I work in the depot, warehouse, haulage and bottling plant at the Ritterhof wine estate in South Tyrol. And I actually call my job my hobby.

Favorite wine: Lenz


Ludwig Kaneppele,
the doer

Everything passes my way. I am the coordinator and visionary and at the same time the specialist retailer and winemaker. I come from a wine-growing family and my wife is Karin Roner from the Roner AG distilleries. My job is therefore more than just in my blood. I am untiringly and totally dedicated to outstanding wines. And in the words of Oscar Wilde: "I have very simple tastes: I am always satisfied with the very best."