Our philosophy, our motto

Our wine estate in Caldaro/Kaltern in South Tyrol is something really special. We have been bottling South Tyrol’s diversity for many years – with the help of the precision of craftsmanship, constant finesse and compelling passion. In doing so, natural production taking the climatic conditions into account and the production of high quality wines typical of the region are paramount. The wine from our wine estate in South Tyrol tastes of South Tyrol from the first to last sip. The wines from Ritterhof have character – character that our customers enjoy with all their senses.

At our wine estate in South Tyrol we combine respected tradition with modern cellar technology and combine them with nature, an element that has always played a starring role in our wine making. And indeed nature it is purest form. Nature serves as an inspiration, a driving force to us. It is the indispensable component of a taste sensation par excellence. As the German playwright and poet Friedrich Hebbel once said, “Wine is the noblest embodiment of the spirit of nature.

An outstanding wine is not just produced in the cellar but in the vineyards. The right location, right climate and right temperature play a major part in the taste of the wines from our wine estate in South Tyrol. Which is why we place so much value on our wine-growing regions in South Tyrol/Italy. Being close to nature is just as important for the work at our wine estate in South Tyrol as the work together with our contractually bound wine growers of many years based on trust and experience. Our customers can rely on the quality of our wines because we place great value on good quality and sustainable cultivation and high-quality processing and perfection is given top priority at our wine estate in South Tyrol.

The tradition of producing wines typical for the varieties and the devotion to natural and gentle wine production are firmly rooted in us and our wine estate in South Tyrol and were also made clear for everyone to see in 2006: when you enter our wine estate in South Tyrol, you will see a large stone bunch of Vernatsch grapes in front of the door. It is the symbol for our philosophy, our motto. It has also become a popular photo motif for guests to Caldaro/Kaltern and the surrounding area.