Our wine-growing region in South Tyrol in Italy and its properties

Wine-growing regions in Italy – all with special properties, with a unique character. Wine-growing regions in Italy with their very own personal history. The wine-growing regions in Italy are influenced by the Mediterranean climate that allows for the diverse cultivation of red and white grape varieties.
Our wine-growing region in South Tyrol, one of the smallest in Italy, is mainly famous for its three indigenous grape varieties. The wine-growing regions in South Tyrol/Italy are popular due to their special wines – loved by anyone and everyone, from gourmets and wine connoisseurs, from globetrotters and the girl next door, from farmers to business men.

Kaltern kleines Fotos

Caldaro/Kaltern, one of the most important wine-growing regions in South Tyrol/Italy

Surrounded by vineyards, orchards and forests with 7,500 inhabitants and 757 hectares of wine-growing landCaldaro/Kaltern is one of the most important wine-growing regions in South Tyrol/Italy. A Mediterranean attitude to life, unique landscape, also famous due to the warmest swimming lake in the Alps, making Caldaro/Kaltern on the wine route one of the most beautiful wine villages in South Tyrol and Italy. The popular Kalterersee wine is one of the most famous drops of wine from this wine-growing region in South Tyrol/Italy. The light Kalterersee is made from another indigenous grape variety, the Vernatsch grape. It is highly regarded here and has been regulated with its own wine charter for cultivation and production. The wine village of Caldaro/Kaltern is dearly loved by countless holidaymakers and local guests, not least due to its different wine events such as the wine hiking day in April, “The Best of Caldaro/Kaltern” in May, “Caldaro/Kaltern – All in White” in June, the Caldaro/Kalterer wine days in September and the “Wine & Cuisine” in October. In the meantime the wine-growing region is also famous and popular in South Tyrol/Italy and beyond due to other wines. The outstanding fresh white wines whose grapes grow there provide great pleasure at home and abroad. The water-permeable morainic soils rich in minerals and sandy, calcareous gravel at 300 to 450 metres above sea level offer the best conditions for this wine-growing community in South Tyrol/Italy.

Tramin klein

Termeno/Tramin, one of our wine growing regions in South Tyrol/Italy

Former estates, traditional farms, colourful houses, that’s Termeno/Tramin. The wine village with its windy lanes is surrounded by roughly 360 hectares of wine-growing land. One of the best white wines, the Gewürztraminer, is at home in this South Tyrolean village. The lime and clay soils provide the ideal conditions for this indigenous white wine grape – the Gewürztraminer’s typical spicy bouquet can develop perfectly here. The village of “liquid gold” has 3,300 inhabitants. Termeno/Tramin has even more people when events such as the international Gewürztraminer symposium, the Gewürztraminer wine route festival, the “Törggeletage” and the “Termeno/Tramin Weingassl” take place. The wine-growing region in South Tyrol/Italy attracts visitors from far and wide to the vineyards where Mediterranean plants like olive trees thrive.

kurtatsch klein

The versatile Cortaccia/Kurtatsch wine growing region in South Tyrol/Italy

70 hectares of fields and pastures, 600 hectares of fruit-growing land and 330 hectares of wine-growing land in South Tyrol/Italy – that’s Cortaccia/Kurtatsch. One of the hottest wine-growing regions in South Tyrol/Italy that is predestined to produce fantastic red and white wines. The wine-growing region in South Tyrol/Italy extends from 200 to 900 metres above sea level on the best slopes and hills. One of the highest situated wine-growing regions in South Tyrol and Italy, Corona/Graun, is situated between 800 and 900 m. Extreme weather conditions, high differences in temperature (of up to 15°C) between the night and day and sandy gravelly soil with clay content allow the grapes to mature for intensive and robust wines. Think of the fruity Müller-Thurgau, which is always accompanied by a striking aroma and fine acidity.

bg montan

Sun-kissed Montagna/Montan in Bassa Atesina/Unterland

The best climatic conditions for the maturing of Blauburgunder grapes prevail at an altitude between 400 and 1,000 m on the western side of Bassa Atesina/Südtiroler Unterland. The region around Montagna/Montan and its parishes has one of the best regions in the whole of South Tyrol/Italy to offer for this grape variety, 151.6 hectares in total. The sandy and gravelly clay soil and unique micro-climate offer the best conditions for the Blauburgunder grapes’ sometimes more than 40-year old vines to thrive, which are grown in a wire frame system.

bg auer

Ora/Auer at the entrance to the Great Dolomite Road

Ora/Auer is situated at 240 metres above sea level in Bassa Atesina/Südtiroler Unterland. The wine-growing region in South Tyrol/Italy is also famous due to its village centre, which is really worth seeing, and the various hikes that can be started from here. Many people visit the village at the entrance to the Great Dolomite Road when the “Bassa Atesina/Unterland wine tasting days” are organised in August or other special weeks. The Lagrein grape, another indigenous grape variety, grows on the south side of the scree – here you can find the ideal conditions to produce a great wine.

bg bozen

Bolzano/Bozen, South Tyrol’s capital and famous wine-growing region in South Tyrol/Italy

The wine-growing region around South Tyrol’s capital, between Adige/Etsch and Isarco/Eisack, offers the best conditions for superb wines with its sun-kissed valley basin and temperatures that climb as far as 40°C. Well aerated gravel soil on slopes and alluvial soils in the valley produce famous South Tyrolean wines, such as the indigenous Lagrein. This wine-growing region in South Tyrol/Italy gives the grape aromas of dark forest fruits and cherries with a spicy note – you can really taste this in the Lagrein, which is grown in the Bolzano/Bozen district of Gries. The St. Magdalener, one of the finest and strongest Vernatsch varieties, matures to the north east of Bolzano/Bozen. The grape varieties for the famous Cabernet and Merlot wines thrive at the foot of the Renon/Ritten high plateau on the sun-kissed and very warm slopes at 450 metres above sea level.
As a wine-growing region in South Tyrol/Italy, Renon/Ritten has 144.6 hectares of wine-growing land. The Weißburgunder and Sauvignon wine grapes thrive here, above Bolzano/Bozen.