The down-to-earth ones among our South Tyrolean wines: Terra

Terra – the down to earth ones
Deeply attached to the land, well-known and yet a pleasure time and time again. These wines have a real piece of home in them. They are the solid basis of a greater whole, they are permanent fixtures in any wine rack. A wealth of flavours fuse with each other in these bottles, which all have one thing in common: they are South Tyrolean.


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South Tyrolean St.Magdalener “Perlhof” DOC 90% Vernatsch, max. 10% Lagrein
Wine growing area: The Perlhof vineyard is situated north of Bozen, in the heart of the St. Magdalener region, at 450 metres above sea level. The Vernatsch and Lagrein vines are over 40 years old and are cultivated using the traditional pergola method. The heat-retaining, steep, barren and rocky porphyry soils provide the perfect growing conditions for the grapes used in this special wine.
Vinification: After the traditional maceration process at a controlled temperature of 25°C, the wine is aged in large wooden barrels.
Harvest and Yield: Harvesting begins in mid October, when the Vernatsch and Lagrein grapes have reached full maturity. From these handpicked grapes, 70 hectolitres of wine is produced per hectare.
Recommended with: This wine is perfect for many events and occasions. It goes particularly well with light meals, meat, grilled fish and pizza and is always great to enjoy with friends.
Content: 0,75 l

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