The down-to-earth ones among our South Tyrolean wines: Terra

Terra – the down to earth ones
Deeply attached to the land, well-known and yet a pleasure time and time again. These wines have a real piece of home in them. They are the solid basis of a greater whole, they are permanent fixtures in any wine rack. A wealth of flavours fuse with each other in these bottles, which all have one thing in common: they are South Tyrolean.


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South Tyrolean Sauvignon DOC
Wine growing area: The grapes for this Sauvignon ripen on two different vineyards, in Kurtatsch and Montan, on the east and west slopes of the South Tyrolean Lowlands. The vines grow in the gravelly clay soils that prevail there, at an altitude of 380 – 550 metres.
Vinification: The Sauvignon grapes are harvested in crates of 220 kg and taken straight to the winery. The grapes are lightly crushed, cold macerated for several hours and then fermented at a controlled temperature of 20°C to give this wine its distinct, unmistakeable flavour.
Harvest and Yield: Harvesting of the sun-ripened Sauvignon grapes takes place in late September until early October. From the handpicked grapes we press 70 hectolitres of wine per hectare.
Recommended with: This Sauvignon is perfect as an aperitif and goes exceptionally well with asparagus, fish and seafood, as well as light dishes with white meat.
Content: 0,75 l

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