The down-to-earth ones among our South Tyrolean wines: Terra

Terra – the down to earth ones
Deeply attached to the land, well-known and yet a pleasure time and time again. These wines have a real piece of home in them. They are the solid basis of a greater whole, they are permanent fixtures in any wine rack. A wealth of flavours fuse with each other in these bottles, which all have one thing in common: they are South Tyrolean.

Pinot Noir "Jansen"

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Pinot Noir "Jansen"

Pino Noir “Jansen” DOC
Wine growing area: The Jansen vineyard is just below the village of Montan in the Lowlands. The Pinot Noir vines are grown over Guyot-system trellises at an altitude of 450 - 600 metres. The gravelly clay soil gives this wine its quintessential minerality.
Vinification: After the traditional maceration of the Pinot Noir grapes in open fermentation tanks, the wine is aged in large wooden barrels and small barriques.
Harvest and Yield: The grapes for this Pinot Noir reach their ideal stage of ripeness in early to mid September when they are picked by hand to produce a yield of 65 hectolitres of wine per hectare.
Recommended with: This Pinot is a great accompaniment to grilled red meat and mature cheeses.
Content: 0,75 l

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