The down-to-earth ones among our South Tyrolean wines: Terra

Terra – the down to earth ones
Deeply attached to the land, well-known and yet a pleasure time and time again. These wines have a real piece of home in them. They are the solid basis of a greater whole, they are permanent fixtures in any wine rack. A wealth of flavours fuse with each other in these bottles, which all have one thing in common: they are South Tyrolean.


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White wine - Cuvée of 3 white grape varieties
Wine growing area: These vines grow on the sunny hills of the Upper Etsch Valley and the Lowlands, at an altitude of about 250 – 450 meters.
Vinification: The different grapes are delivered to the winery separately. There, after a short maceration period, they are gently pressed, clarified and individually fermented in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature of 20°C.
Harvest and Yield:
Recommended with: The full variety of flavours is best revealed when our “Lenz” is drunk as an aperitif or enjoyed with light starters, pasta dishes, risotto or fish. Like this, its fine bouquet can unfold, prompting your tastebuds to burst into bloom.
Content: 0,75 l

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