The special ones – the chosen ones: Collis

Collis – the chosen ones
A little bit closer to heaven ... is where the vines are cultivated that provide the basis for this select drop of wine. Only fully-ripened grapes from the best slopes are made into a delicious experience for all the senses with great care.

PARATUS Sauvignon

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PARATUS Sauvignon

Sothtirolean Sauvignon DOC Paratus
Ripe and resolute. The age of the vines and the location of the vineyards are the makings of this well-primed wine of striking quality.
Aroma: Fruity, Herbal
Flavour: Aromatic
Wine growing area: In the municipality of Montan in Bassa Atesina and in the municipality of Renon at a height of 450 -650 m. The cultivation takes place at guyot with about 7500 plants per hectare.
Vinification: After a long maceration of 5 to 10 hours, follows gentle squeezing of the grapes. Clarification of the must happens by natural sedimentation.The fermentation takes place in steel at a temperature of 17 ° C for about 12 days. The refining on fine yeasts lasts for another 7 months.
Harvest and Yield: Careful manual harvest of ripe grapes around mid-October with a yield of about 50 hl per hectare.
Recommended with: Sauvignon Paratus pairs wonderfully with grilled fish, asparagus, both green and white, but also with tasty vegetable risotto, and is a good sip for special moments.
Occasion: Aperitif - Cocktail, Classic
Content: 0,70 l

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