South Tyrolean wines from the Ritterhof wine estate

South Tyrolean wines – known by everyone, loved by everyone. South Tyrolean wines stand for a unique taste, for first-class indulgence. At the same time, South Tyrolean wines are so different – each one speaks for itself when it releases its aroma and presents its distinctive flavour.

South Tyrolean wines bring people together. South Tyrolean wines are joie de vivre. South Tyrolean wines are an indulgence – not just for wine connoisseurs but for everyone. Which is why we and our customers value our South Tyrolean wines so much and concur with the words by Hammurabi, the former King of Sumer and Akkad and say: “Wine is one of the most precious gifts of the earth. So it demands love and respect.” This love for our work and our South Tyrolean wines and the respect towards nature can be found in every corner of our Ritterhof wine estate.

The South Tyrolean wines from our wine estate in Caldaro/Kaltern in South Tyrol are the result of our work, our love and our passion for wine in harmony with nature. Each of the South Tyrolean wines speaks for itself, each grape, each vine, each drops tells the story of the individual South Tyrolean wines. And yet they all have things in common. The South Tyrolean wines at Ritterhof are divided into three families. The wines in a wine range all tell the same story. Their story that lets us taste South Tyrol. Their story that familiarises us with the country, familiarises us with the full pleasure, familiarises us with South Tyrolean viticulture.

South Tyrolean wines are among the best

Regardless of which South Tyrolean wine you choose, whether you prefer a Lagrein or Chardonnay, a Merlot, Cabernet or Sauvignon, you can be sure of one thing: South Tyrolean wines are among the best! Terra wines impress time and time again with their well-known taste. Collis wines give you an exceptional taste sensation and Rarus wines encapsulate all of South Tyrol’s perfection. Their taste is unparalleled and is experienced uniquely by every wine drinker. This uniqueness of South Tyrolean wines comes from the careful production, our love of nature, the grape and the wines. The grapes for the Rarus wines, for example, are carefully harvested and selected by hand. The wines mature in barriques and develop into first-class South Tyrolean wines. Try a sip of exclusivity! Try a sip of South Tyrolean nature! A sip of home! You definitely must not miss out on this unique taste sensation!