Kalteresee Charta

A Charter for the Kalterersee!

Since the year 2000, the initiative wein.kaltern stands for the respect of precise quality standards in the wine sector, as well as for the preservation of wine culture in Kaltern at the lake. Thanks to the Kalterersee-Charter, the wine producers, which are also partner members of wine.kaltern, have strengthened their cooperation. With the self-commitment to compliance to clearly defined quality standards for the Kalterersee wine, the wine village of Kaltern have set itself a high goal. Indeed, the partner members of wein.kaltern are firmly committed to bottling their very best Kalterersee wines under the seal of quality of the Kalterersee-Charter and faithfully promise to uphold and pursue the standards and expectations, which have been established to ensure the quality and image of the Kalterersee. The Kalterersee-Charter enhances the wine’s specific characteristics and at the same time puts particular attention that the grapes are grown only in the very best vineyard locations. The reduced harvest quantity makes the difference when it comes to the quality of the Kalterersee wines. Three times a year, a blind tasting takes place before an independent jury. Only after a positive evaluation from the jury, a wine can boast the quality seal of the Kalterersee-Charter and be awarded with a specially marked bottle capsule. This is a true commitment of Kaltern’s wine producers and at the same time a promise of quality to the consumer.

Here you can find more information about the Charter for the Kalteresee and our NOVIS.